Adventure Sports Club

Club President: Jackson Winslow -

Faculty Advisor: Jeff Griffitts -

Activities will include: 

- Rock Climbing, kayaking, canoeing, and biking in/near OKC

-Hiking trips to parks & reserves

Join if you:

-Have camped/hiked at least once in the past year

-have a respect & appreciation for the outdoors

Law Club

Club President: Jacob Spady -

Club Advisor: April Collins -

Activities will include:

- LSAT studying and law school tips and advice given by Professor Collins

- Guest speakers who are currently in law school or are current practicing lawyers

- Guidance in choosing and applying to a law school

Join if you:

- are considering attending law school

- are interested in how the law environment affects how different things are achieved in the world today

Anime Club

Club President: Hannah Small -

Club Advisor: Pam Bracken -

Activities will include:

- Watching Animation and playing games as a group

- Going to see anime films in theaters & to Manga shops in the area

Join if you:

- are interested in Anime or just want a way to be involved!

Spoken Word Club

Club President: Brandon Banks -

Club Advisor: Logan Kruck -

Activities will include:

 - Weekly meetings to explore existing poetry, work on word play and concepts, brainstorming, and community writing as well as personal poetry writing and presentation

Join if you:

- are interested in creative self-expression through authentic self-narratives through the art of spoken word

- want to have a voice, outlet, and opportunity to expand and develop their writing presentaitions

LSAT Prep Club

Club President: Carlos Anguiano -

Club Advisor: April Collins -

Activities will include: 

- Taking practice LSAT test

-Discussing the questions as a group

Join if you:

- are interested in taking the LSAT

Esports Club

Club President: Kyle Bloomer -

Club Advisor: Brent Eskridge -

Activities will include:

- playing games

-practicing and participating in tournaments

Join if you:

- are interested in gaming! 

- anyone can join