Adventure Sports Club

Club President: Jackson Winslow -

Faculty Advisor: Jeff Griffitts -

Activities will include: 

- Rock Climbing, kayaking, canoeing, and biking in/near OKC

-Hiking trips to parks & reserves

Join if you:

-Have camped/hiked at least once in the past year

-have a respect & appreciation for the outdoors

Law Club

Club President: Carlos Anguiano -

Club Advisor: April Collins -

Activities will include:

- LSAT studying and law school tips and advice given by Professor Collins

- Guest speakers who are currently in law school or are current practicing lawyers

- Guidance in choosing and applying to a law school

Join if you:

- are considering attending law school

- are interested in how the law environment affects how different things are achieved in the world today

Anime Club

Club President: Hannah Small -

Club Advisor: Pam Bracken -

Activities will include:

- Watching Animation and playing games as a group

- Going to see anime films in theaters & to Manga shops in the area

Join if you:

- are interested in Anime or just want a way to be involved!


Spoken Word Club

Club President: Brandon Banks -

Club Advisor: Logan Kruck -

Activities will include:

 - Weekly meetings to explore existing poetry, work on word play and concepts, brainstorming, and community writing as well as personal poetry writing and presentation

Join if you:

- are interested in creative self-expression through authentic self-narratives through the art of spoken word

- want to have a voice, outlet, and opportunity to expand and develop their writing presentaitions

LSAT Prep Club

Club President: Carlos Anguiano -

Club Advisor: April Collins -

Activities will include: 

- Taking practice LSAT test

-Discussing the questions as a group

Join if you:

- are interested in taking the LSAT

Esports Club

Club President: Kyle Bloomer -

Club Advisor: Brent Eskridge -

Activities will include:

- playing games

-practicing and participating in tournaments

Join if you:

- are interested in gaming! 

- anyone can join

ProDeo Outreach Ministries

Club President: Emma Rhodes -

ProDeo Outreach Ministries is a mission minded organization that strives to provide SNU students with cultural experiences, opportunities for service in the Oklahoma City Community, and chances for open conversation about missions and service in any and all vocations. Our mission is to grow in Christ, grow in call, and grow in community. 


Diversity in S.T.E.M.

Club President: Kayla Benner - & Becca Janka -

Club Advisor: Dr. Mark Winslow -

Activities will include:

- creating community across all STEM fields

- possible booth at the NASA Space Grant Consortium

- booth at NSI fair

-reaching out to nearby grade schools

Join if you:

- are majoring in any STEM

- are an SNU student


Who Else

Club President: Benjamin Scott -

Club Advisor: Doug Forsberg -

Activities will include: 

- Community outreach

- Ministry Training

- Seminars for Urban Ministries

Join if you:

- are interested in homeless ministry

- open to anyone!